# Hub-Rules Please read the hub-rules carefully and respect them. ## Content * Please use the spaces provided to publish content accordingly. * Off-Topic (but non offensive) content can be be posted to the [Private-Space](https://hub.leylines.net/s/private-space-members-only/ "Private-Space"). * Maximum upload file size is 6M at the moment. * Report offensive content to the admin. ## Improvements We’ll try to keep this hub up-to-date and provide improvements. This hub software is [HumHub](https://www.humhub.com "HumHub"). * We **do not** extend the software-functionality of the hub unless this happens with a humhub-software-update. * We **do** fix existing configuration-problems * We **do** extend the hub-software if there is available software. * We **do** extend the hub-software with commercial modules if we have enough [donations](https://hub.leylines.net/p/donation "Donate").